What is the fox population predicted

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The fox population in a certain region has an annual growth rate of 9% per year. In the year 2012, there were 21,600 foxes counted in the area. What is the fox population predicted to be in the year 2020? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)

Reference no: EM131154906

Draw the simple house elevation

Draw the simple house elevation shown in Fig. 11-10 at any size with ortho or object snap tracking and polar tracking. Prior to drawing the roof, use UNDO to mark the curren

Explain what is meant by wear-leveling in flash drives

What is the capacity of a hard drive (in GB) consisting of 120,000 tracks, 4,000 sectors, and 4 surfaces? Assume each block has 512 bytes. Explain what is meant by wear-level

Calculate shipping and calculate order total

Below is a single node of an IDEF0 diagram. Decompose node A33 into three functions of Calculate Sales Tax, and Calculate Shipping, and Calculate Order Total. Make sure the

Are the attacks above affected by this technique

Why is this technique of storing hashed passwords often extended by the use of a so-called salt? (A salt is a random value appended to the password before hashing. Together

Distributed.net is an organization that coordinates research

Distributed.net is an organization that coordinates research on distributed computing applications. People and organizations can join Distributed.net and contribute idle c

Company marketing department promotes

Your company's marketing department promotes the products and interacts with the customers, sales force, and supply chain. They are also in charge of forecasting sales for t

Challenges of securing information

Create a 7-10-slide PowerPoint Presentation on the challenges of securing information, and list some of today's information security attacks. You may use various sources (sc

Counting massless gauge fields

Consider a string compactification where k coordinates are made into circles of critical radius. Describe the candidate ground states of this theory, and give the expression


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