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Project managment Computer project exercise Big Kola - Part 4B How is the project progressing in terms of cost and schedule? What activities have gone well? What activities have not gone well? What do the PCIB and PCIC indicate in terms of how much of the project has been accomplished to date? What is the forecasted cost at completion (EACf)? What is the predicted VACf? Report and interpret the TCPI for the project at this point in time. What is the estimated date of completion? How well is the project doing in terms of its priorities? Try to present the above information in a form worthy of consideration by top management. Include an Earned Value table and a Tracking Gantt Chart.

Reference no: EM131375373

How many drivers can be processed in one hour

If there are two clerks and three typists, where will the bottleneck in the system be? How many drivers can be processed in one hour if the clerks and typists work at 80 per

The prof is concerned about the attendance on spring break

Consider a prof who wants to track the percentage of students absent per class period in his MGTOP 340 course throughout the semester using SPC charts. There are 80 students e

Mail-order business for kitchen equipment

This is a mail-order business for kitchen equipment. Annual demand for its best seller item is 25,000 units. This best seller item is sold at $350/unit, including shipping and

Case study- midsouth chamber of commerce

Case Study- Midsouth Chamber of Commerce: The Role of the Operating Manager in Information SystemsDiscussion. The discussion includes an analysis of each problem or question.

Describe a product development or management process

You must research and describe a product development or management process, methodology, or a model that could be utilized to implement the innovation. You should select and

Describe operations strategy

Operations Strategy, Dell has recently switched from allowing customers a great deal of flexibility in designing their own computers to having a few standard models with few

A manufacturer sells product in two regions

A manufacturer sells a product in two regions. Weekly demand in each region is Normally distributed with mean 1,000 and standard deviation 300. Lead time is one week. Demand i

What are activities that are carried out at a national union

What are activities that are carried out at a national union convention, and why does this type of venue allow for the Democratic process to have an opportunity of working?


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