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(Market value analysis) Lei Materials balance sheet lists total assets of $1.16 billion, $132 million in current liabilities, $415 million in long-terms debt, $613 million in common equity, and 58 million shares of common stock. If Lei'so current stock price is $52.08, what is the firm's market -to book ratio? ( Round to one decimal place ).

Reference no: EM131186285

The bond makes semi-annual payments

USF Inc. issued a 20 year bond at a coupon rate of 7.0 percent. The bond makes semi-annual payments and has a par value of $1000. If the YTM on this bond is 6.0 percent, what

According to the price-earnings valuation method

The industry average P/E ratio for the construction industry is 18.5 Key Construction, Inc.’s expected earnings per share for next year is $3.50. According to the price/earnin

What is the breakeven sales level for price increase

A company is currently selling 500 units of a product per day at $10 per unit. You can assume that the product’s variable costs are constant; they are now at 40 percent of the

What approximate real rate of return does the lender expect

Parks Promotions, Inc. is able to borrow at an interest rate of 11 percent for one year. During that year, market participants expect 6 percent inflation. What approximate rea

What is the simple payback period of the funace

A plasma arc furnace has an internal combustion temperature of 7,000 Celsius and is being considered for the incineration of medical wastes at a local hospital. the initial in

Risk-free asset and remainder is invested in market

Initially, a portfolio contains 40% invested in Colgate, 40% invested in Apple, and the remainder in Amazon. You calculated the following information: Covariance(Colgate,Marke

What should be current rate for two-year treasury security

The current one-year T-bill rate is .30 percent and the expected one-year rate 12 months from now is 1.00 percent. According to the unbiased expectations theory, what should b

Install the equipment necessary to start production

Guthrie Enterprises needs someone to supply it with 165,000 cartons of machine screws per year to support its manufacturing needs over the next five years, and you’ve decided


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