What is the final specimen length for each material

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The stress-strain curve for certain materials can be drawn using the Ramberg- Osgood formula, which requires the 0.2% offset yield stress (Fty), the modulus of elasticity (E), and the Ramberg-Osgood parameter n.

(a) Consider the stress-strain response of a 17-4PH bar (H900 heat treated), a 2024-T851 plate, and a Ti-6Al-4V extrusion in the annealed condition: the para- meter n for each material is given in graphs on pages MH2-208, MH3-136, and MH5-65, respectively, and values for Fty and E can be found in nearby tables. Compute and plot the room temperature stress-strain curves of all three materi- als on a single graph for strains ranging from 0 to 0.010.

(b) Suppose a stress is applied to each specimen in part (a) to reach a strain of 0.010 in./in. and then the stress is released. If the initial specimen length is 20 in. in all three cases, what is the final specimen length for each material?

Reference no: EM131007488

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