What is the expected time between your fifth and sixth

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Reference no: EM13268755


Reference no: EM13268755

What important numerical information is missing

In other words, the rate of cancer in the beer drinking group was three times that of the non-beer drinkers in this study. What important numerical information is missing fr

When researchers use different hypothesis tests for samples

When should researchers use different hypothesis tests for independent and related samples? Is one type of sample preferable over the other?

Conclusion draw from sample using standard deviation

Suppose that your sample mean is 1175 and that your sample standard deviation is 100. Using α=0.05, what is the appropriate conclusion you should draw from your sample?

Managers accept the results better why

Discussion 1: Many people do not "like" or "trust" single point estimates for things they need measured. How might adding confidence intervals help managers accept the r

You just finished getting your data

You just finished getting your data, made sure there were no fliers and the data was correct You created a mean and standard deviation and ran your Z test at the 0.05 alpha Yo

Description of percentile of normal distribution

A vending machine dispenses coffee into a twelve ounce cup. The amount of coffee dispensed into the cup is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 0.08 ounce.

Determining minimum sample size

Determine the minimum sample size to construct a 90% confidence interval for the population mean. Assume the population standard deviation is 1.2 years.

Determining population percentage by level of significance

Does this result support original claim, or is population percentage considerably less than 45%. Use alpha=.05 for level of significance.


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