What is the expected return of your portfolio

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You have invested 30 percent of your portfolio in Cathy, Inc., 40 percent in Joy Co., and 30 percent in Sally Cosmetics. What is the expected return of your portfolio if Cathy, Joy, and Sally have expected returns of 0.070, 0.150, and 0.150, respectfully? Note: write your answer to 3 decimal places.

Reference no: EM13260554

What is difference between value of a stock and its price

What is the difference between the value of a stock and its price? In terms of behavioral finance, identify, discuss, and explore the implications of three different emotional

What intellectual property protection is appropriate

Discuss different organizational structures for Cooperative Constructs and the (dis)advantages of each structure. Identify Cooperative Constructs' intellectual property. What

Do you agree with given thinking or not

"If the results of the cost/benefit analysis do not agree with those of the effectiveness analysis, there is probably no difference among the alternatives." Do you agree wit

Relationship between risk and return

What is your interpretation of the relationship between risk and return? Describe the relationship by comparing the risk/return levels for U.S. securities versus foreign sec

Determine dollar return

Suppose that IBM stock is selling for $110 per share and that you short sell 200 shares of the stock determine your dollar return if the price of IBM stock drops to $95 per sh

How much external financing does ottawa need

Enter a formula for external funding required in the first green box. How much external financing does Ottawa need in 2014. At what rate does the actual sales growth rate equa

Limitations of financial ratios

Referencing this week's readings and lecture, what are the limitations of financial ratios? Classify your answer into at least the following categories: liquidity ratios, a

What is the beta of the second stock

A portfolio consists of two stocks and has a beta of 1.07. The first stock has a beta of 1.48 and comprises 38 percent of the portfolio. What is the beta of the second stock


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