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Chanbio Inc.'s enterprise value is $3.6 million. Chanbio has debt outstanding in the form of 1,000 bonds currently priced at $980 each. If Chanbio has 108,719 shares outstanding, what is the estimated price per share?

Reference no: EM131434666

What is the nominal annual percentage cost

Atlanta Cement, Inc. buys on terms of 2/15, net 30. It does not take discounts, and it typically pays 115 days after the invoice date. Net purchases amount to $720,000 per y

Immediate dilution potential

Problem 1: American Health System currently has 6,400,000 shares of stock outstanding and will report earnings of $10 million in the currently year. The company is consideri

Calculate a few simple ratios

Do some research on the two companies, Target and JcPenney. In particular, look for their most recent financial statements. Calculate a few simple ratios, like the Book Valu

Indicate which test you are performing show the hypotheses

Indicate which test you are performing; show the hypotheses, the test statistic and the critical values and mention whether one-tailed or two-tailed. There is sufficient evide

Lay out the firm pro forma balance sheet

Cheryl Colby, the CFO of Charming Florist Ltd., has created the company's pro forma balance sheet for the next fiscal year. Sales are projected to grow at 10% to the level of

Calculate the liquidity risk premium on tom and sue

The maturity risk premium is 0.75 percent on 10-year securities and increases by 0.03 percent for each additional year to maturity. Calculate the liquidity risk premium on T

How much money does suzie need to have in her retirement

How much money does Suzie need to have in her retirement savings account today if she wishes to withdraw $25,000 a year for 30 years? She expects to earn an average rate of

Soft drinks soda pop is a new and up and comer

In the world of soft drinks Soda Pop is a new and up and comer.  The company has been on a journey trying to find a foothold in it distribution chain.  Recently the company hi


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