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Assignment: Complete the following graded homework assignments from the textbook. This homework assignment is to be submitted in an Excel workbook titled "FIN510_Homework5_yourname."

Problems: 10-8 NPV IRRs and MIRRs for Independent Projects

• delman Engineering is considering including two pieces of equipment, a truck and an overhead pulley system, in this year's capital budget.

The projects are independent. The cash outlay for the truck is $17,100 and that for the pulley system is $22,430. The firm's cost of capital is 14%. After-tax cash flows, including depreciation, are as follows:



















10-9 NPVs and IRRs for Mutually Exclusive Projects

• Davis Industries must choose between a gas-powered and an electric-powered forklift truck for moving materials in its factory. Because both forklifts perform the same function, the firm will choose only one. (They are mutually exclusive investments.) The electric-powered truck will cost more, but it will be less expensive to operate; it will cost $22,000, whereas the gas-powered truck will cost $17,500. The cost of capital that applies to both investments is 12%. The life for both types of truck is estimated to be 6 years, during which time the net cash flows for the electric-powered truck will be $6,290 per year and those for the gas-powered truck will be $5,000 per year. Annual net cash flows include depreciation expenses. Calculate the NPV and IRR for each type of truck, and decide which to recommend.

10-10 Capital Budgeting Projects

Project S has a cost of $10,000 and is expected to produce benefits (cash flows) of $3,000 per year for 5 years. Project L costs $25,000 and is expected to produce cash flows of $7,400 per year for 5 years. Calculate the two projects' NPVs, IRRs, MIRRs, and PIs, assuming a cost of capital of 12%. Which project would be selected, assuming they are mutually exclusive, using each ranking method? Which should actually be selected?

Problems (pp. 489)

11-2 Operating Cash Flow

• The financial staff of Cairn Communications has identified the following information for the first year of the roll-out of its new proposed service:

Projected sales

$18 million

Operating costs (not including depreciation)

$9 million


$4 million

Interest expense

$3 million

11-3 Net Salvage Value

• Allen Air Lines must liquidate some equipment that is being replaced. The equipment originally cost $12 million, of which 75% has been depreciated. The used equipment can be sold today for $4 million, and its tax rate is 40%. What is the equipment's after-tax net salvage value?

Reference no: EM132235188

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Write a three to four (3-4) page paper addressing the criteria below. (Note: Change the title of the report to reflect the selected agency's name and the years to 2013-2014.

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what is the current share price? (Hint: Calculate the first four dividends.) (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to 2 decimal places (e.g., 32.16).) C

Which projects should the firm implement

Use the internal rate of return (IRR) approach to select the best group of projects. Use the net present value (NPV) approach to select the best group of projects. Compare, co


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