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An airplane flies 200 km due west from city A to city B and next 335 km in direction of 30.0° north of west from city B to city C.

(a) In straight-line distance, how far is city C from city A?

(b) Relative to city A, in what direction is city C?


What would be electric force between two dimes (each of mass 2gm) to be found at opposite ends of a 10 meter lecture table if their nuclear and electronic charges were unbalanced by 1 percent? Can you think of some object whose “weight“equals that force?


An airplane is flying with a velocity of 97.0 m/s at an angle of 26.0 degrees above the horizontal. When the plane is a distance 125 m directly above a dog that is standing on level ground, a suitcase drops out of the luggage compartment.

How far from a dog will the suitcase land? The air resistance can be ignored.

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