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A law firm specializes in the issuance of insurance policies covering large commercial real estate projects. The projects fall into two categories: shopping centers, and medical complexes. The typical work involved with each transaction is quite predictable and repetitive. The time requirements (unit loads) for preparing a standard contract of each type are given in Table 5.8. Also listed are the number of professionals of each type and the number of available hours per professional per day (the rest of time is taken by other office activities). For the month of November, 2010, the firm has generated the 150 orders, 75 of each type. Assume one month equals 20 days. What is the effective capacity of the process (contracts per day)?

Reference no: EM1389699

How would you forecast short-term demand

"Hello, is this the Investment Management Help Desk?" said a tired voice on the other end of the telephone line at 7:42 am. "Yes, how can I help you?" said Thomas Bourbon, c

Identify sport business organization

In the sport industry, there are many sources of revenue and costs. Identify a sport business organization of your choice and discuss the major sources of revenue and costs fo

Employee productivity by setting up internal software

Software Training Program ABC Company has 50,000 employees and wants to increase employee productivity by setting up an internal software applications training program. Add to

What is the horizon value

Simonyan Inc. forecasts a free cash flow of $40 million in Year 3, i.e., at t = 3, and it expects FCF to grow at a constant rate of 5% thereafter. If the weighted average cost

What type of project constraint

Your client has just informed you that your project budget has been cut by 20%, you have lost 2 project team members, and your project scope will remain the same. How do you r

Making progress in its inventory reduction effort

Mattress Wholesalers, Inc., is constantly trying to reduce inventory in its supply chain. Last year, cost of goods sold was $7.5 million and inventory was $1.5 million. This y

What strategies can a firm use to optimize its cash cycle

Discuss different forms of A/R acceleration. What strategies can a firm use to optimize its cash cycle? Provide one example of a strategy that an HRM department could take to

What is probability that randomly selected item is defective

In a production run of 300 units, there are exactly 20 defective items and 280 good items. What is the probability that a randomly selected item is defective? If two items are


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