What is the effective and nominal interest per year

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George bought a car for $26,500. He made a down-payment of $4,500 and financed the rest on a 5-year term with a monthly payment of $575.

a) What is the interest rate per month for the loan?

b) What is the nominal interest per year?

c) What is the effective interest per year?

Reference no: EM13898668

Simple supply and demand model

Assume the following simple supply and demand model: Assume a supply and demand diagram with P measured on the vertical axis and Qd and Qs measured on the horizontal axis. The

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The Fireyear and Goodstone Rubber Companies are two firms located in the rubber capital of the world. These factories produce finished rubber and sell that rubber into a highl

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Quickcare is a health care franchise. It charges $150 per physical exam. Fixed cost is $50,000 and variable cost is $55 per exam. To improve margin, clinic will increase price

What exactly does this deadweight loss represent

Mirk Labs is a British pharmaceutical company that currently enjoys a patent monopoly in Europe, Canada, and the United States on Zatab (pronounced zay-tab), an allergy medica

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A 2 percent increase in the price of milk causes a 4 percent reduction in the quantity demanded of chocolate syrup. What is the cross-price elasticity of demand for chocolate

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Consider the industry for making plastic cups. The process of producing the cups generates pollution. Assume the marginal damage function of pollution is given by MD = 4E, whe

Impossible trinity of international macroeconomics

Economists sometimes refer to the attempt by countries to fix their exchange rates, control thier money supply, and operate with open capital accounts in their balance of paym

What is the equation for intertemporal budget constraint

Abdi’s incomes in periods 1 and 2 are $200 and $100 respectively. His preferences for consumption in the two periods are perfect complement. That is, for each dollar he spends


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