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1. Describe the overall pattern of the relationship between hours spent telemarketing and number of new subscriptions.

2. What is the correlation between hours spent telemarketing and number of new subscriptions? [numerical answer required]

3. What is the equation for the least squares regression line? [Note: The OLI materials give the equation in the form Y = a + bx But Excel presents the equation as Y = bx + a. It doesn't matter which way you express it as long as it is correct and you can distinguish between the intercept and the slope.]

4. If telemarketing hours increase by one hour, we would expect the number of new subscriptions to by .

5. Predict the number of subscriptions for a month in which there were hours of telemarketing.

6. Explain why it would not be a good idea to predict the number of subscriptions for a month in which there were 1600 hours of telemarketing.

7. A researcher found that the relationship between the appraised value of a house (in thousands of dollars) and its age (in years) could be summarized by the regression equation: Appraised value = 400.8 - 2.5 * age. Interpret the value of the slope in the context of this study.

8. A medical researcher asks: What is the effect of age on blood pressure? Identify the explanatory and response variables.

9. 70 will be the score at hours.

10. In New York State there is a fairly strong positive correlation between principals' salaries and the reading scores of their students. (This is true.) Upon learning this, a politician recommends that principals' salaries be increased because this will cause students' reading scores to increase. Good idea? (Explain your answer.)

Reference no: EM131339424

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