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Gentle Ben's Bar and Restaurant uses 6,400 quart bottles of an imported wine each year. The effervescent wine costs $4 per bottle and is served only in whole bottles because it loses its bubbles quickly. Ben figures that it costs $30 each time an order is placed, and holding costs are 35 percent of the purchase price. It takes two weeks for an order to arrive. Weekly demand is 50 bottles (closed two weeks per year) with a standard deviation of 45 bottles. Ben would like to use an inventory system that minimizes inventory cost and will provide a 95 percent service probability. What is the economic quantity for Ben to order? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.) At what inventory level should he place an order? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)

Reference no: EM13252280

What type of process - project

what type of process - project, job shop, flow shop, and continuous flow - would most likely be used ot produce the following? Explain your reasoning. a) Apple iPads b) Wedd

Construct the network diagram

With the following information in mind, a. construct the network diagram b. identify the paths and the critical one c. calculate slack d. and how long will it take to comple

What is the order cycle time

A beer distributor finds that it sells 100 cases a week of regular 12-oz. Budweiser (assume 50 weeks per year). The distributor currently purchases beers at a cost of $8 per

What steps the company could take to positively impact

Based on the strengths and weaknesses of Dell Corporation determine what steps the company could take to positively impact the company's competitiveness. Explain your ration

What variable cost from sbarg would make cal indifferent

SBARG cost = $ If the fixed annual cost offered by SBARG is nonnegotiable but it is willing to negotiate the variable cost, what variable cost from SBARG would make Cal indi

What was machine utilization

Oakwood Outpatient Clinic rents a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine for 28 hours a month for use on its patients. Last month the machine was used 24 hours out of the

What will be the contribution to profit

how many units of product have to be sold in order to break even? b) If the company sells 10,000 mops at the product price of $25, what will be the contribution to profit?

What capacity requirement should be planned

If demand is expected to be 80 percent of the current level in five years and management wants to have a capacity cushion of just 4 percent, what capacity requirement should


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