What is the duration of a three-year treasury bond

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Use the following information to answer the next two questions.

What is the duration of a three-year Treasury bond with a 5.5 percent coupon selling at par?

What will be the percentage change in the value of the Treasury bond mentioned in the previous question if the yield to maturity increases by 20 basis points?

Reference no: EM132234826

Arithmetic average versus geometric average

Discuss and explain the difference between arithmetic average versus geometric average and which one is more effective or provides a more complete picture when valuing a stock

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The current value of Digital stock is $44 per share. You are offered a forward value for Digital stock to be delivered in one year of $42. The forward value is lower than the

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The O. Bama Company plans to increase its equity capital by the issue of new shares (SEO) with a subscription ratio of 4:1 (one new shares for four old ones). The current pr

Cancellation clause have on the lessee''s analysis

In our Anderson Company example, we assumed that the lease could not be cancelled. What effect would a cancellation clause have on the lessee's analysis On the lessor's analys


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