What is the difference between leadership and authority

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1. Briefly describe how a principal component analysis technique works to classify objects. Use sketches if necessary. (5-8 lines)

2. We are in an era of significant backlash against global trade and trade agreements. Where do you stand on globalization? For or against and why?

3. What is systems thinking? How is it linked to exercising leadership?

4. What is groupthink? How do you prevent it or fix it? Who wrote about it?

5. What is the difference between leadership and authority? What is ethical culture and how is it linked to exercising leadership?

Reference no: EM131428829

Discuss consumer driven health care

In which you discuss Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC) in the following scenario: Suppose that you are a health care provider. Over a lengthy dinner conversation, a person ac

Authorized the legislatures to develop regulatory regimes

In 2012, both Colorado and Washington citizens passed ballot measures allowing the production, sale and use of marijuana for recreational purposes. In both cases, the ballot m

The pmi code of ethics is made up of four areas

The PMI Code of Ethics is made up of four areas: responsibility, honesty, respect, and fairness. Discuss the area of respect and what it means for you, the project manager.

Costa rican rain forest

For this assignment you are to critically assess Merck's deal with INBio. Was it ethically justifiable? Why or why not? Who, if anyone, owns the many species found in nature?

Reviewing resumes you obtained from an online service

Why should the selection process be adapted to fit the organization's job descriptions? Suppose your organization needs to hire several computer programmers, and you are revie

Give a general overview of group decision-making

Discuss the research that links these two organizational communication ideas together. For example, How does an organization's culture influence how its groups make their d

Which vendors should ues select to supply each distribution

UES wants to ensure that each of the distribution hubs is serviced by a different vendor. Which bids should UES accept, and which vendors should UES select to supply each di

Early development organizations as independent units

Ex-Roche chairman Franz Humer committed the parent company to sustaining Genentech’s “innovative culture,” and his successor, Severin Schwan, has stated that he intends to “ke


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