What is the difference between a push and pull production

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Your final paper is based on JIT (Just-in-Time). I am expecting this paper to be at least five pages in length and the line spacing should be double (or 2). 

Here are the follow questions I would like you to answer in the formally written paper:

1. What is the difference between a push and pull production system? (2 paragraphs)

2. What is JIT? (2 paragraphs)

3. Is JIT a push or a pull production control technique? (Explain in 2 paragraphs)

4. Design/draw a value chain map of a company you have researched that uses JIT? (Please define all the symbols necessary for building a Value Stream Map. Explain your map in 2 - 4 paragraphs in length or one page)

The paper you write should contain the following:

  • Abstract - summary of the entire paper
  • Introduction - an explanation of what this paper will be about
  • Review of Literature - information from five sources on what JIT and push and pull systems are. (No direct quotes will be accepted from any source)

- You must have at least five sources
- Two sources must come from a journal or conference article

  • A company that has implemented JIT- find a company that uses JIT production scheduling and describe how it has worked out for them (See question 4 above)
  • Conclusion - an explanation of why you think JIT is a push or a pull or both type production control system.

You must use APA 6th edition formatting procedure!!!

Reference no: EM131140220

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