What is the definition of morbidity

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Question 1
According to Domhoff, the _____ is made up of individuals who are linked to the social upper class, the corporate community, and the policy-formation organizations that influence government policy.
executive branch
power elite
dominant class

Question 2
Which of the following would be considered a political right?
The right to vote after being convicted of a felony
The right to Social Security
The right to freedom from racial discrimination
The right to practice one's religion without persecution

Question 3
The codified rules of behavior established by a government and backed by the threat of force are known as:
Legal norms

Question 4
A single people or nation governed by a political authority or state is commonly referred to as:

Question 5
Economically productive activities that do not result directly in a physical product are known as:

Question 6
Karl Marx introduced the idea of a _____, a pool of job-seekers whose numbers outpace the available positions and who contribute to keeping wages low and conditions of work tenuous.
pool of unemployment
unemployed labor pool
reserve army of labor
labor army reserve

Question 7
The replacement of human labor by machines in the process of manufacturing is known as:
Mechanical production

Question 8
Highly educated professionals who engage in mental labor and the manipulation of symbols are also known as:
Symbolic interactionists
Computer programmers
Symbolic analysts
Knowledge laborers

Question 9
Which of the following is the number one cause of premature death in the United States?

Question 10
An institutionalized system for the scientific diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness is known as:
Public medicine

Question 11
What is the definition of morbidity?
The rate of death
The rate of illness
The rate of incidence of physical ailments
The number of people who seek medicial attention in a given period of time

Question 12
Which of the following food categories receives the most federal subsidies?
Fruits and vegetables
Meats and dairy

Question 13
The phenomenon of war boosting economic productivity and employment is referred to as:
War economy
War machine
Military industrial complex
War industrial economy

Question 14
Violence that is intentionally dramatic and enacted for the purpose of attracting attention and publicity and spreading fear is known as:
Dramaturgical violence
Histrionic violence
Dramatical violence
Performative violence

Question 15
Of the 2.5 million young enlisted U.S. men served in Vietnam, about what percentage were from working-class and poor backgrounds?

Question 16
The U.S.-Afghanistan conflict is an example of:
Asymmetrical guerilla warfare
Large-scale combat
Genocidal conflict
Preemptive war of aggression

Question 17
The science of population size, distribution, and composition is defined as:
Population studies

Question 18
Which of the following is a characteristic of a second demographic transition?
Decreased rates of divorce
A rise of non-marital births as a proportion of all births
A rise in the rate of natural increase (RNI)
Larger family sizes

Question 19
Which is the preferred measure for demographers to estimate future fertility?
Crude birth rates
Age-specific fertility rates
Age-specific live births
Crude death rates

Question 20
What total fertility rate represents replacement rate fertility (in which each parent is able to replace himself or herself)?

Question 21
Temporary gatherings of closely interacting people with a common focus are known as:

Question 22
The development of increasing societal complexity through the creation of specialized social roles and institutions is referred to as:
Division of labor

Question 23
Dominant ideas that lead people to consent to their own domination are known as:
Ideological subjugations

Question 24
Which of the following theorists highlighted the importance of ideas in maintaining order and oppression in society?
Karl Marx
Max Weber
Antonio Gramsci
Pierre Bourdieu

Question 25
According to Antonio Gramsci, _____ intellectuals are those who emerge from oppressed groups and create counterhegemonies that challenge dominant and dominating ideas.

Reference no: EM131436029

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