What is the cutting force in newtons

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A work piece is being cut at 76m/min (250 fpm), and the power is found to be 2.0 kW (2.7hp). The feed is .25 mm/rev (.010 in/rev) and the depth of cut is 5.0 mm (.200 in)

a) What is the cutting force in Newtons (pounds)?

b) What is the unit power consumption in kW/cm^3/min (hp/in^3/min)?

Reference no: EM13719908

Determine a suitable set of dimensionless parameters

How will a measured pressure in the model be related to the corresponding prototype pressure? Assume the same air density in model and prototype. Based on the assumed variab

Water is being filled with water through two inlet pipes

A tank initially filled with 500 lb liquid water is being filled with water through two inlet pipes. One delivers hot water at mass flow rate of 1.5 lb/min and the second deli

What will be the upsetting force required

A hot upsetting of stainless steel 316/316L, 2000mm dia disc, 200mm thickness is upset at 1200 degree Celsius to 150mm thickness. what will be the Upsetting force required t

Complete the design of the link

a link in a mechanism is to be subjected to a tensile force that varies from 3500 to 500 N in cyclical fashion a the mechanism runs. It has been decided to use AISI 1040 col

Determine the work and heat transfer per unit mass

During the process, the pressure and specific volume are related by pv = constant. For the refrigerant, determine the work and heat transfer per unit mass, each in KJ/kg.

Find the head developed by the pump

A manometer on the discharge pipe of a pump handling 8.4m^3/min of water shows a pressure of 3.7*10^5 Pa. The vacuum gage on the suction pipe shows a vacuum of 21 cm Hg. The v

Explain the stage efficiency

Steam at 15 bar and 350 degrees C is expanded through a 50% reaction turbine to a pressure of 0.14 bar. The stage efficiency is 80% for each stage and the reheat factor is 1

Derive the arithmetic gradient conversion

Derive the arithmetic gradient conversion to a uniform series formula. (Hint: Convert each period gradient amount to its future value, and then look for a substitution from


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