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This assignment provides you with an opportunity to explain the dynamics of teamwork, including motivation, conflict resolution, and leadership.

First, read the scenario below.

Scenario: The vice president (VP) of marketing has hired you as the leader whose first task involves implementing a new process for applying customer service within the organization. The VP shares that the purpose of this initiative is to help resolve a list of issues that are negatively infecting teamwork:

(1) morale is low,
(2) employees are consistently late for work while others leave early, (
(3) workers disagree on the daily workload,
(4) there is no drive or enthusiasm, and
(5) above all, two employees have complained about harassment.

Your team consists of eight employees: three are newly hired employees, five employees are male and three are female. Each employee has a diverse background. Your charge is to reach the goal of improving customer service by directing the team through the five stages of team development.

After reading the scenario, write a minimum FOUR -page paper by using the following questions as guidelines:

1. Motivation: What is the current state of motivation for employees, and what can you do to improve their motivation?

2. Leadership: What can leadership personnel do to positively impact teamwork that eventually leads to better customer service?

3. Resolving conflict: How can the employees approach resolving conflicts with one another in order to maintain a positive teamwork dynamic?

4. Resolving conflict: How can the employees approach resolving conflicts with customers?

5. Teamwork: What types of activities would help the team progress through the five stages of team development. Five stages:

· Forming Stage: individuals are getting to know and form initial opinions about team members. Assumptions are based on first impressions.

Sometimes these impressions are right; other times, they are wrong.

· Storming Stage (Stage two): Some members begin to have conflict with each other.
· Norming Stage: When team members accept other members for who they are (i.e., overcome the conflict).
· Performing Stage: Where they begin working on the task
· Adjourning Stage: brings closure to the project. The team has completed the task.

Also, be sure your paper fulfills the following requirements:

· The body of the paper consists of at least four pages (not including the title page or reference page).

· Properly cite the journal article that is attached to the homework assignment.

· Properly cite two references (e.g., article, webpage) that you located from reputable sources (e.g., reputable articles or webpages).

Article: How do leadership motives affect informal and formal leadership emergence? by GIL LURIA1† AND YAIR BERSON2*,†1 Faculty of Welfare and Health Sciences, Department of Human Services, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel2 Department of Psychology, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israe

Reference no: EM131150385

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