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Question: After reading the assigned essays in The Digital Divide, construct an argument about the extent to which you think one aspect of technology (the Internet, A.I., public cell phone use, social media, etc.) effects our humanity. You will then construct a 1000-word position paper. Your goal is to persuade your reader to see your side.

To write this assignment, you must find a clear focus about your topic (do not try to write about all of technology, instead find an element that interests you to explore, and one that offers enough complexity to merit rhetorical situation-Is there a need now to argue this? Why? Who is most affected? What is the context of the situation from your perspective?). Remember that your perspective (as a student, a "Digital Native" and an international resident) adds texture to this argument.

Your stance. Know that I do not need you to pick one side. It is fine to argue the complexity of the conversation.

For example: While cell phone use makes it easier to stay connected to the people we love at home, when we have our faces buried in our phones, we fail to have conversations with the people in front of us, leaving international students feeling more isolated.

Reference no: EM132184726

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