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1) What is the concept of current rate method of translation and temporal method of translation? How does balance sheet exposure differ under these two methods?

2) The 2010 financial statement of Child Co. Inc (Mexico), a subsidiary of Parent Co. Inc (United States), reveals the following information:

Beginning Inventory 

Peso 100,000


Peso 500,000

Ending Inventory      

Peso 150,000


Peso 450,000

US dollar exchange rate for 1 Peso:


January 1, 2010


Average, 2010      


December 31, 2010  


The beginning inventory was acquired when the exchange rate was $0.50 last quarter of 2009; ending inventory was acquired when the exchange rate was $0.40 last quarter of 2010.

Report amounts of ending inventory and cost of goods sold to be included in the consolidated financial statements under (1) Current rate method and (2) Temporal method.

Reference no: EM13183488

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