What is the concentration of sucrose solution

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You have weighed out 5.85g of sucrose and dissolved it in a final volume of 200ml of water.

What is the concentration of this sucrose solution expressed as percentage (w/v)?

(Express your answer to two decimal places, don't forget units to be expressed as %(w/v) , do not place spaces in your answer)

Reference no: EM132280297

Explain the man is karyotipically normal

The man is karyotipically normal.what is the probability that this couple will producea child with a debilitating syndromeas a result of crossing over within the pericentric

Determine the genotypes of the parents and progeny

In   Drosophila  ebony body color and being eyeless are both autosomal recessive traits. An ebony fly is mated with an eyeless fly & F 1   are all wild type.

Need to construct a hypothesis to explain differences

Need to construct a hypothesis to explain differences you might observe when comparing the karyotypes of human cells which experience normal cell control vs cancerous cells. D

Blood and cell components

liquid portion of blood is known as ______. Most of the plasma comprises of ______ that serves as a solvent and carries heat. ______ like sodium, potassium and ______ serve

The medical assistant is performing a venipuncture

The Medical Assistant is performing a venipuncture on a patient who has come into the office for a follow up exam. What does the MA need to educate/communicate to the pat

Important fact to understanding evolution

The first of the two "undeniable facts" is that any localized population of a species has the potential to produce far more offspring than the local environment can support.

What happens to serum ph

When many excess hydrogen ions accumulate in the blood, what happens to serum pH? The pH: Decreases, increases, or remains constant? Please be clear with explanation.

Moral and ethical dilemmas of the president george

One of the most controversial moral and ethical dilemmas of the President George W. Bush's campaign to be re-elected focused on stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to be


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