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Assignment 1


1. Jamaica Medial Hospital is quite a large institution. What is the composition of your healthcare team?

2. Has the organizational structure changed to go hand-in- hand with the quality improvement process?

3. Medical errors cause more deaths than other workplace injuries combined. What factors could be contributing to this damning statistic?

4. What does the institution aim to achieve with the quality improvement process?

5. There are a couple of quality improvement models: FADE, PDSA, Six Sigma, Continuous Quality Improvement, and Total Quality Management. What design has been adopted by the institution?

6. How will the improvement be evaluated?

7. What are the most common parameters used to measure quality improvement?

8. Is there a need for an electronic medical record database to cater for quality improvement?

9. Physicians are a vital component of the process. How do they perceive the quality improvement process?

10. Should performance incentives be part of the quality improvement process? Do they work?

11. Apart from physicians, where else do you get feedback on the quality improvement process?

12. Bethany Medical Center is already on track. How long do you think it will take for the fruits of the quality improvement process to be enjoyed?

Assignment 2

Interview Write-Up

Unit outcomes addressed in this activity:

- Understand the focus of public health efforts
- Explain the dimension of quality initiatives in public health organizations
- Understand the difference between organization focus and system focus
- Explore what the role of public health organizations is in continuous quality improvement in health care
- Explain some implementation activities in this sector of health care
- Discuss standards and performance assessment in the continuous quality improvement process

Course outcomes addressed in this activity:

1: Design quality assessment and management tools.
2: Explain the role of quality assessment in the utilization management process.


Using the interview outline tool that you created in Unit 6, you will conduct an interview with a representative from that local organization and document the responses.

Examples of quality improvement teams in your community might be: local public health department, hospital, long-term care facility, physicians' group practice, radiology department.


The interview responses must address the following elements in an essay format. This Assignment should be submitted as a Word document.

- Team Design and Structure
- Goals and Design of the project itself
- Data Collection/Analysis
- Feedback/review processes
- Questions specific to the organization
- Application: Based on the results of the interview, create a way to improve a process at this organization through the design of quality assessment and management tools.

Put your responses in a Word document. Save it in a location and with the proper naming convention: username-HS460-section-Unit 2_Assignment.doc

Reference no: EM131034801

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