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1) Financial analysts have developed two performance measures: Market Value Added (MVA) and Economic Value Added (EVA). Discuss and explain both. Which is a better representative of the firm's performance, and why?

2) The Kitter Corporation, and tech firm, has a beta of 3.75. If the market return is expected to be 20 percent and the risk-free rate is 9.5 percent, what is the company's required return?

3) At age 25 you invest $2,000 that earns 6 percent each year. At age 35 you invest $2,000 that earns 9 percent per year. In which case would you have more money at age 60?

4) Your company has spent $1,000,000 on research to develop a new computer game. The firm is planning to spend $500,000 on a machine to produce the new game. Shipping and installation costs of the machine will be capitalized and depreciated; they total $75,000. The machine has an expected life of 3 years, a $100,000 estimated resale value, and falls under the MACRS 5-Year class life. Revenue from the new game is expected to be $2,000,000 per year, with costs of $800,000 per year. The firm has a tax rate of 35 percent, an opportunity cost of capital of 12 percent, and it expects net working capital to increase by $300,000 at the beginning of the project. What will be the net cash flow for year one of this project?

Reference no: EM131019369

What is the appropriate discount rate for this project

What is the appropriate discount rate for this project -A colleague argues that the project should not be taken because it is risky and the firm can't afford to take risks in

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How has the Community Development Block Grant served to help communities perform local mitigation?- Why do some people consider insurance to not be a proper mitigation method?

Number of permutations of five things

A. If P(A) = .05, then the odds against event A's occurrence are 19 to 1. B. If A and B are mutually exclusive events, then P(A or B) = 0. C. The number of permutations of fiv

Hypothesis test for a population proportion

Suppose are running a study/poll about the probability of a true negative on a test for a certain cancer. You randomly sample 140 people and find that 70 of them match the c

Yield for the whole process

A Six Sigma process step is expected to be successful 99.99966% of the time. Hypothetically, if a process had 150,000 steps and each and every step was at exactly a Six Sigm

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What total amount of interest would Scott pay for each option? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each financing option. If you were Scott, which of these three f

What was swan depreciation and amortization expense

Swan's Bicycle Boats had a degree of accounting operating leverage equal to 1.50 during the most recent period. If the firm's EBITDA was $5,000 and its fixed costs were equa

Complete a financial analysis of longs jewelers

Complete a financial analysis of Longs Jewelers including a cash flow statement and ratio analysis and discuss your findings. Identify critical non-quantitative issues that sh


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