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28. Foreign Travel Services has net income of $48.400. total assets of $219,000. total equity of $154800, and total sales of $311,700. What is the common-size percentage for the net income?

A. 9.00 percent
B. 13.90 percent
C. 15.53 percent
D. 22.10 percent
E. 31.27 percent

29. Healthy Foods has total assets of $129,800, net fixed assets of $71,500. long-term debt of $52,000, and total debt of $78,700. If inventory is $31,800, what is the current ratio?

A. 0.33
B. 0.46
C. 0.84
D. 1.18 
E. 2.18

30. A firm has net working capital of $3,800 and current assets of 11,700. What is the current ratio?

A. 0.34
B. 0.60
C. 1.48
D. 1.65
E. 2.92

31. You are analyzing a company that has cash of $11.200, accounts receivable of 527.800. fixed assets of $124,600, accounts payable of $31,300, and inventory of $56,900. What is the quick ratio?

A. 0.30
B. 0.67
C. 0.80
D. 1.25
E. 1.37

32. A firm has total assets of $523.100. current assets of $186,500, current liabilities of $141,000. and total debt of $215,000. What is the debt-equity ratio?

A. 0.48 
B. 0.70 
C. 1.10
D. 1.43
E. 2.13

33. Todd will be receiving a $10,000 bonus one year from now. The process of determining how much that bonus is worth today is called:

A. aggregating.
B. discounting.
C. simplifying.
D. compounding.
E. extrapolating.

Reference no: EM13990479

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