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Discuss that idea that a strong ethic encourages people and companies “do the right thing because it is right” and encourages them to act in ways that support “the common good.”  What is the common good? Do businesses have an obligation to contribute to it?

Reference no: EM13841875

Compare the company values with your own core values

Find three corporate vision statements and/or mission statements on the web. What values do they represent, either explicitly or implicitly?  Would you want to work for these

Discuss the types of misuse of legal proceedings

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanour? What is the State’s burden of proof in a criminal case? Discuss the types of misuse of legal proceedings.

Establish code of conduct for the project team

You are the project manager of a large, virtual financial project. You want to improve the functioning of the project team. Which of the techniques below would not likely impr

Identify celebrity who endorses more than one product

In your judgment who would be the best and the worst celebrity endorsers for each of these products/services: MADD, Dell, and Lamborghini. Identify a celebrity who endorses mo

What is the weekly total material handling cost of layout

Gordon Miller job shop has 4 work areas A, B, C, D. Distance in feet between centers of the work areas are: It costs Gordon $1.00 to move 1 work piece 1 foot. What is the week

Corporate social responsibility

If it is true that business is a profit making enterprise, then how do we weigh the cost of non-core responsibilities, such as those termed “corporate social responsibility,”

Calculate differences in make-buy and outsourcing decisions

Calculate the differences between make, buy, and outsourcing decisions, and provide your recommended option. How should the suppliers be selected if the buy option is chosen?

What is the break-even point for each oven

Janelle, the owner of Ha 'Peppas' is considering a new oven to bake vegetarian pizza. Oven type A can handle 20 pizza an hour. The fixed cost for A is $20000 and variable cost


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