What is the chance for their children to have the trait

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Hemophilia is a sex-linked trait. A normal woman whose father has a hemophilia marries a normal man. What is the chance for their children to have the trait? Give the full explanation - genotypes of all involved.

Reference no: EM13148988

Clean water and air will change along with policies

Quite a few policies in place for the coming years that will have a direct impact on our everyday lives. How do you think the definition of what we consider clean water and ai

Draw a genetic map for the f1 female x chromosomes

A true breeding wild-type strain of flies was crossed to another strain homozygous for the recessive X-linked mutant alleles m, r, and v. The F1 female offspring were testcr

Finding probability of offspring

Assume you perform a cross with the pea plant in question one and a pea plant with the genotype aabbccdd. What is the probability that an offspring will be aaBbccDd?

Define the directed mutation hypothesis

Explain the directed mutation hypothesis (1). Describe an experiment that has tested this hypothesis (2). What was the outcome of this experiment (1)? What did this experime

Glucose is phosphorylated into glucose-6-phosphate

In the first step of glycolysis, glucose is phosphorylated into Glucose-6-phosphate. But, it looks like the phosphate replaced ahydrogen. However, there is no mention of tha

Balanced chromosomal translocation

The Disrupted in Schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) gene is disrupted by a balanced chromosomal translocation (1; 11) (q42; q14.3) in a Scottish family with a high incidence of major dep

Physician for suprapubic and lower back pain

Answer the following questions.A 45-year-old female, gravida 5 para 4, is seen by her physician for suprapubic and lower back pain. She also complains of a burning sensation a

Analyze the potential civil liability

Watch the "You be the Judge: Sexual Harassment" video. Analyze the potential civil liability of both the employee and the employer. Analyze the different liability in this cas


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