What is the central theme of the case of albuquerque
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1. What is the central theme of "The case of Albuquerque" section in Chapter 5.4 of your text?

In the face of a major water crisis, a number of governmental initiatives, including altered water-use codes, rebates, and decreased water use to more sustainable levels.

As the population of Albuquerque continues to grow, increased revenue from taxes will be able to solve the city's water crisis.

The impending water crisis in Albuquerque was solved through the desalination of brackish water from a nearby canal.

Currently, Albuquerque is faced with a major water crisis that has no evident solution.

None of the above are the central theme.

2. A decrease in "food miles" will most likely increase the environmental impact of any given food.



3. Which of the following statements summarizes the water situation in China that was discussed in your text?

China has been able to avoid major water shortages due to its construction of the Three Gorges Dam, which provides electricity and agricultural water throughout China.

Due to the water-rich Yangtze River Basin, China has been able to provide clean water to much of the highly populated region, even in the face of growing population.

Due to its large population, China is experiencing water shortages that have significantly decreased numerous wildlife populations.

In the face of a growing population, China has begun to use desalination techniques to provide ample clean water to its people and agricultural soils.

All of the statements about water in China are true.

4. What statement best summarizes the approach being used to clean up the Jordan River discussed throughout Chapter 5.5 of your text?

Teams of governmental officials are utilizing specialized filtration techniques to clean the polluted water and restore the river.

Nonprofit groups are working to educate river communities about the value of the river and persuade national leaders to adopt measures that will revitalize the area.

Citizen groups from multiple countries are working together to remove debris from the river and propose a ban on local pollutants.

An international ban on agricultural development within one mile of the river is being proposed as a means of reducing runoff pollution in the region.

None of the above are approaches being utilized.

5. Which of the following is an environmental concern of genetically engineered crops mentioned in your text?

Genetically modified crops lead to larger applications of toxic herbicides and insecticides.

The genetic modification of crops increases soil erosion while decreasing soil fertility.

Genetic engineering is less precise than traditional methods of crossbreeding.

Genes from genetically modified crops may transfer to non-genetically modified crops.

All of the above are environmental concerns of genetically engineered crops.

6. Which of the following is not an environmental impact of conventional agriculture expressed in your text?

Agricultural practices improve wildlife habitats and lead to increased species populations in farming communities.

Agricultural practices can lead to significant air quality concerns through the emission of ammonia, nitrous oxide, methane, and other potentially dangerous gases.

Poor soil management can lead to biological, chemical, and physical degradation, which can in turn negatively alter the activity of soil fauna.
Major agricultural pollutants such as pesticides can enter surface water and pose serious risks to human health.

All of the above are environmental impacts of conventional agriculture.

7. Which of the following statements best summarizes the SeafoodPrint research discussed in your text?

Through catch and release methods, researchers determined that second order fish are in danger due to overfishing.

By monitoring eating habits, researchers found that rich nations underestimated their impacts on fish populations, which could in turn threaten the future of certain species.

By tagging apex species, researchers determined there is no immediate danger to large fish populations within our oceans.

Utilizing GPS tracking techniques, researchers suggest planned conservation efforts that surround fish migration patterns.

None of the above statements summarize the SeafoodPrint research.

8. According to your text, the groundwater aquifers of India have been severely over pumped.



9. What is the central theme of "The first green revolution" section in Chapter 3.1 of your text?

The green revolution resulted in increased crop production without any environmental concerns, which generated a steep incline in human population growth.

The green revolution allowed for a rapid increase in high yield crops through the use of genetically modified seeds that allowed developing nations to survive in the face of famine.

The green revolution led to increases in crop production and human population. However, it also created a number of environmental concerns including the overuse of fertilizers and irrigation.

The green revolution allowed farmers to increase crop yields and profits substantially over a short period of time.

None of the above are the central theme.

10. Which of the following statements about ground water is not true, according to your text?

Underground aquifers hold approximately 99% of all the liquid fresh water.

More than 75% of underground water has a replenishment time of centuries or more, making it non-renewable.

Increased water withdrawal from underground aquifers makes them more susceptible to droughts.

Depletion of ground water may lead to land compaction that in turn decreases its ability to store water.

All of the statements about ground water are true.

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