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An automobile emissions testing center has six (6) inspectors and tests 50 autos per hour. Each inspector can inspect twelve (12) autos per hour.

What is the center's utilization? This will be the percentage of capacity at which the center is operating. Utilization of 100% would mean unable to take additional customers, for example.


Reference no: EM13234105

Compiled a check sheet for responses that were either

A medical clinic recently conducted a patient satisfactory survey of a 100 patients. Using the Lickert scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being 'Very dissatisfied' and 5 being 'very satis

Pros and cons be for push strategy involving pharmaceuticals

Direct-to-consumer advertising for pharmaceuticals is a pull strategy designed to get consumers to ask their doctors to prescribe certain medications. What are the pros and co

Hotel market segment in your community

Identify a restaurant or hotel market segment in your community that you feel would be a good market segment to target. Explain the marketing mix you would put together to go

A software programmer at a large financial institution

A software programmer at a large financial institution realized that she had accidentally overdrawn her checking account. She was able to make a small adjustment in the bank's

What are some examples of types of violence

Why is inventory management important to the efficiency of the purchasing function? What are some examples of types of violence? What different explanations are there for the

The project costs are under budget

One software developer took the recently announced "early retirement" package, and is leaving in one week. He is confident he will be able to finish his piece of the work be

Explanation of the leadership style

An explanation of the leadership style, such as task-oriented, relationship-oriented, charismatic, transformational, situational, and so on, that you find most effective.

What is transformational leadership

What is transformational leadership? What leadership skills do transformational leaders possess? What role do transformational leaders play in leading change? Should all top m


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