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In this hypothetical situation, you are responsible for shipping material that is measured as volumetric cargo -CBM, which stands for CuBicMeter, to be calculated as length X width X height. Also assume that you will get charged per Freight Ton (weight,or volume, whichever is higher).

1. If the length is 1.6 meters, and the width is 3.2 meters, and the height is 2.8 meters, what is the CBM?

2. If your freight rate is quoted as USD. 10/per freight ton and the weight of the package is 2,500 kilograms, what is the freight rate in both volume and weight?

3. Which freight rate will apply?

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This research paper mainly highlights about the problems of CBM and selecting of the relevant freight rate over volume and weight. With the help of traditional formula, the CBM has been calculated and the freight rate over volume and weight have been measured separately. Now, as the freight rate of volume is higher than the freight rate of weight, so it needs to be sent by weight.

Reference no: EM13849985

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