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1. How organizations are leveraging Social Media in how they conduct business and manage operations then, write about 3 areas that you found most interesting

2. You have been asked to address the concerns of your top 5 customers – what is the best “Channel of Communication” to use while completing your task? Why?

3. Do you think cargo is more or less secure in terminals than when in transit? Why?

4. Compose a 100-200 word summary of the most persuasive speaker you know. It can be your pastor, a news pundit or personality or a friend or co-worker. How do they convince people to change their beliefs/actions/attitudes?

Reference no: EM132184531

The jackets are being produced in the dominican republic

The Limited is planning a new line of jackets for fall. It plans to sell the jackets for $100. The jackets are being produced in the Dominican Republic. Even though The Limite

Misinterpretation of the statement of work

Misinterpretation of the statement of work (SOW) can lead to expensive scope changes. Project managers with good communication skills can lower the barrier and perception scre

Different airlines handle capacity adjustments by

When we think of capacity issues at? airlines, it is often in the context of buying enough planes to meet forecast demand. But this article makes the important point that? "ma

Environmental problems that cross adjacent states

You are responsible for convening a major event in which senior officials from several state governments will try to come to an agreement on environmental issues. It is well k

Project for the ultimate recreational tennis racket

You are evaluating a project for The Ultimate recreational tennis racket, guaranteed to correct that wimpy backhand. You estimate the sales price of The Ultimate to be $480 pe

Analyze theme reviewed literature around topic of leadership

You will write an 8 page research paper (not including cover page or references) that captures relevant theories and empirical research leading to a significant synthesis an

Engender requests for larger and larger budgets

What might be some alternative goals besides self interest that might engender requests for larger and larger budgets? Are these goals mutually exclusive? How would you go abo

According to poisson distribution

Trucks arrive at a grocery store at a rate of about 3 per hour according to a Poisson distribution. The worker who is in charge of unloading the trucks takes about 15 minutes


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