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Assignment: Printed Advertisement

Analysis of a Printed Advertisement

Find a print advertisement of your choice and answer the following questions. Note that the advertisement for this exercise has to be an actual print ad (i.e., newspaper or magazine). You should scan-in the actual print ad (or take a high-resolution picture of it) and make it part of your appendix.

1. What is the basis for segmentation for the ad? That is what dimension is being used to break up or classify the potential market (e.g., demographic, geographic, psychographic etc.)?

2. What is the specific segment being targeted by the ad (e.g., Baby Boomers, people living in California etc.)?

3. How does the ads appeal (i.e., position the product) to the identified segment? What characteristics of the ad make it apparent who is being targeted?

Note that the first question is about segmentation, the second question is about targeting, and the third question is about differentiation and positioning.

This is an individual assignment and it is to be turned in at the indicated date/time provided in the course schedule. This assignment should be typewritten and should look professional: appearance counts. The assignment should be typed double-spaced using Times New Roman and a 12 pt. font. It should not exceed three double-spaced pages (without cover page, appendices, reference list; just the write-up of the assignment). Provide references in the write-up wherever appropriate. All of the references used for your assignment must be listed on a separate piece of paper, the reference list.

Across all questions, provide detailed arguments for your answers. Your homework will be evaluated not only based on whether you answered the questions appropriately, but also on how well you substantiate your answers and the apparent effort you put into this exercise.

Reference no: EM131440611

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