What is the average power ef each pulse

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A neodymium-glass laser emits short pulses of high-intensityelectromagnetic waves. The electric field of such a wave has an rmsvalue of Erms = 6.50 x 109 N/C. What is the average power ef each pulse that passes through a 2.70 10-5 m2 surface perpendicularto the beam?

Reference no: EM13653432

How high will the mass move above the uncompressed

A 3.45 kg mass vertically compresses a spring 67.0 cm before it starts to rebound. How high will the Mass move above the uncompressed it the mass is left to "bounce" back up?

Leaves the barrel of a gun traveling parallel to the ground

An electrically charged bullet of mass 0.010 kg leaves thebarrel of a gun traveling parallel to the ground and perpendicularto the Earth's magnetic field at 1.400e+3 m/s. Inth

Find the moment of inertia of the wagon wheel

A 1 m diameter wagon wheelconsists of a thin rim having a mass of 6 kg and six spokes, eachwith a mass of 1.5 kg. Find the moment of inertia of the wagon wheel for rotation ab

What force does the 2kg block exert on the 3kg block

A force of 10N acts on two blocks on frictionless surface. the first block is 3kg, and the second block is 2kg. what is the acceleration of the system?what force does the 3kg

Determine what is the orbital speed of the star cruiser

Captain Omega of the Imperial Space Patrol is in his Starcruiser,which is in a circular orbit around the mysterious Planet X. What is the orbital speed of the Star cruiser

What is largest index of refraction that the liquid can have

The angle of incidence at a solid/liquid boundary is 65.3°, andthe index of refraction of the solid is n = 1.71.(a) What must be the index of refraction of the liquid such t

Minimum coefficient of static friction between riders-wall

An amusement park ride called the Rotor consists of a room in theshape of a vertical cylinder (1.98 m inradius) which, once the riders are inside, begins to rotate,forcing t

Determine what is the spheres speed

A solid sphere is released from rest and allowed to roll down aboard that has one end resting on the floor and is tiltedat 39° with respect to the horizontal. what is the sp


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