What is the average monthly return

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The past five monthly returns for Kohl's are 2.55 percent, -8.62 percent, -14.44 percent, -1.52 percent, and 4.75 percent. What is the average monthly return?

Reference no: EM132281496

Human capital investments and physical capital investment

Why might funds be available on less favorable terms for human capital investments than for physical capital investments? Can you provide a rationale for the argument that pub

What should the long-run inflation rate be

If the money supply is growing at 8%, the real rate of growth of GDP is 2%, and financial innovations are reducing the demand for money by 0.5% per year, what should the long-

Assume that the government reduces taxes

Assume that the government reduces taxes (T). Show graphically, how this Tax cut affects the Keynesian Cross and the equilibrium income. Label your graph properly and provide

Driven by the welfare state and inequality

Compare and contrast Krugman’s thoughts on unemployment (as driven by the welfare state and inequality) and Sargent’s assessment of the Reagan administration’s policies on the

Demand functions for the quasi-linear utility function

Using the substitution method, derive the demand functions for the “quasi-linear” utility function 2B^0.5 + F. Fixing the price of food and income, show how whether both goods

Illustrate what is now the effect on gold consumption

Suppose instead that the marginal mining cost increases with the amount mined. Illustrate what is now the e¤ect on gold consumption and mining of an increased use of gold as m

Preventing a brave new world

In "Preventing a Brave New World" (pp. 331-343), Leon Kass concludes that reproductive and therapeutic cloning of human embryos is unethical. What are the exact steps in Kass'

Explain how demand change affects price and quantity

Supposes a perfectly competitive, increasing-cost industry is initially in long-run equilibrium and demand suddenly increases. Explain how demand change affects price and q


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