What is the average annual fee as a percent paid by investor

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A mutual fund charges a 5% upfront load plus reports an expense ratio of 1.34%. If an investor plans on holding a fund for 30 years, what is the average annual fee, as a percent, paid by the investors?

Reference no: EM131128309

How many shares can be purchased

Stock 3 announces record earnings, and the price of stock 3 jumps to $32.44 in after-market trading. If the fund (illegally) allows investors to buy at the current NAV, how ma

What is the new balance sheet for oldhat

Oldhat borrows $5.5 million in the overnight federal funds market to meet its resources requirement. What is the new balance sheet for Oldhat? How well-capitalized is the bank

Examine the banks condition after this occurs

The bad news about the mortgages is featured in the local newspaper, causing a minor bank run. $6 million in deposits is withdrawn. Examine the bank’s condition after this occ

What would be the annual adjustment

Congress allowed Oldhat to amortize the loss over the remaining life of the mortgage. If this technique was used in the sale, how would the transaction have been recorded? Wha

What is the market value of oldhats mortgages

The next day, terrible news hits the mortgage markets, and mortgage rates jump to 13%. What is the market value of Oldhat’s mortgages? What is Oldhat’s “market value” capital

How loan loss reserve was established for loan recorded

After making payments for three years, one of the mortgage borrowers defaults on the mortgage. NewBank immediately takes possession of the house and sells it at auction for $1

Recalculate final balance sheet including its tax liability

f NewBank were required to establish a loan loss reserve at 0.25% of the loan value for commercial loans, how would this be recorded? Recalculate NewBank’s ROE and final balan

How much cash was received how are these transactions record

The end of the month finally arrives for NewBank, and it receives all the required payments from its mortgages, commercial loans, and T-bills. How much cash was received? How


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