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In 600-800 words answer the following:

Read the 'Australian face' section of Barracuda (pp28-29, from "I dash into the station . . . to . . . Oh, how I miss the Australian face"). In the context of the story, what is the 'Australian face'? How does the word 'Australian' function in this two-page section? Is there something poetic about its use? Compare this section with the use of national labels in John Forbes's 'Anzac Day'.

Your discussion will need to take into account the kinds of issues we have been dealing with in the unit so far as well as the literary genre of the work in question.

The issues we have been dealing with so far includes,

Cultural cringe, masculinity, sexuality and suburbia.

These topics should be used when answering the essay question.

You will be assessed on your appropriate use of secondary material and scholarly method. So refrences is necessarily.



  • Use 12-14 pt serif typeface
  • Double-spaced only; single-sided pages only; margins of 3 cm all around
  • Properly referenced citations - use VU Library Guide to the Harvard Referencing System
  • Title page with student name, title of subject, essay title, date, and word length

Work that does not follow these formatting requirements will be returned uncommented on to the student with a grade only.

General assessment criteria-

Relevance of your approach:

Your essay should demonstrate that you have interpreted the assignment topic appropriately, and that you have addressed the topic directly, even if you later expand on it.

Breadth and depth of reading:

Your essay should demonstrate familiarity with and understanding of basic critical concepts and ideas, and also show that you have sought references beyond those set for the subject's required reading. It should also demonstrate the ability to quote supporting material from the criticism to support your main points.


You should be able to use, with some degree of familiarity and clarity, the terms, ideas, concepts and approaches we have covered in this subject. Use a dictionary to help you be clear in your use of particular terms. Do not use words you don't understand. Make sure you communicate your ideas clearly. Don't write to impress me: write to make me understand what you want to say.


Your essay should show evidence that you have thought carefully about the clearest and most logical structure you can use to carry your argument and ideas forward.


Make sure your writing is clear, uncomplicated and says what you want it to say. Don't try to support a weak argument by elaborate grammatical highways and byways. If the argument is strong, the language can be clear and direct so that the ideas shine through.


Don't be afraid to disagree with critics or to refine their insights. If you see things differently, say so and show why and how your views can be supported.

The picture is an attachment of the barracuda p28 and here is the link for john forbes anzac day,


Attachment:- Assignment.rar

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