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Choose any paid digital marketing platform (not earned or owned media) such as Google AdWords, Facebook for Advertisers, Pandora, Instagram, etc. Write a 1-page email summarizing the advertising platform for the owner of a chain of 6 hair salons on the Baltimore area who is considering advertising on that platform to get new clients. Your report should answer the following questions (but it doesn't have to be in this order)

What types of paid advertising can you purchase through this platform?

How is the advertising priced? Do you pay for a placement, pay for impressions, pay for clicks, or pay for performance?

What is the audience for the advertising?

What options does the advertiser have for targeting the advertisement to particular types of customers?

What data do they make available to measure the performance of your campaign?

What would it take (in terms of setup) to get setup to run your first advertising campaign?

Do you think this is a good advertising platform? Why or why not?

Tips on writing a business email

While I was grading Assignment 1, I thought of a few general suggestions for writing a business email.

1. Lead with a summary of your conclusions.

The reader wants to know right away what the email is about and why they should read it.

2. Organize lists as lists to make them easier to read (e.g. types of ads available).

3. Make sure to provide evidence or reasoning in support of your conclusions.

If you say, "I think AdWords is perfect for us," make sure you also give specific reasons why it is a good advertising platform for this business.

4. Close with a summary of "next steps" so the reader knows what to do next.

"If you'd like to run a one-month trial of Facebook ads, I can help get that setup. We'll need an image and a line of ad copy plus a budget and a corporate card to use to pay for the ads."

Reference no: EM131218739

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