What is the appropriate reorder point quantity

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A newspaper publisher uses roughly 820 feet of baling wire each day to secure bundles of newspapers while they are being distributed to carriers. The paper is published Monday through Saturday. Lead time is six workdays. What is the appropriate reorder point quantity, given that the company desires a service level of 95 percent, if that stockout risk for various levels of safety stock is as follows: 1,500 feet, .10; 2,000 feet, .05; 2,100 feet, .02; and 2,400 feet, .01?

Reference no: EM13970656

Bank management is becoming increasingly complicated

Bank Management is becoming increasingly complicated. What are the Four Major concerns of bank managers in ensuring the profitability of their operations? Explain three with e

Proven approach to reducing the impact of the disease

Is it ethical for community leaders to put citizens at risk for a deadly disease, such as dengue fever, when there is a proven approach to reducing the impact of the disease?

What is historical simulation and bootstrap analysis

What is Historical Simulation / Bootstrap analysis? Discuss the main steps involved in the implementation of a Historical Simulation approach to estimating the expected future

What are three communication techniques

What are three communication techniques that you can use to improve project performance? In other words, how can you increase the chances that the project meets the goals and

Handling a job application and business legal compliance

An applicant who is 60 years of age and disabled (in a wheelchair) enters the HR department to apply for a front desk position in a hospital. The hospital has over 400 employe

Risks in order to keep its competiveness position in market

Hi-tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, Hewlett Packard source many of their product's components from the same manufacturer. What are the risks and what can they do to mini

Supply of raw material are on hand at the factory

A firm had a total COGS of $1265 M (Data per quarter: 280, 295, 340, & 350, respectively). The raw material inventory at the end of each quarter was 50,40,55, &60, respectivel

What characteristics result in toxic leadership

What characteristics result in toxic leadership? What are possible repercussions of toxic leadership? Provide a personal experience (do not disclose specific names) or public


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