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Doctor Bones prescribed physical therapy in a pool to treat Jack Bordenâ??s broken back. In response to this advice (and for no other reason), Jack built a swimming pool in his backyard and strictly limited use of the pool to physical therapy. Jack paid $25,000 to build the pool. Jack consults you for advice concerning whether this amount or any portion of the amount would qualify as a deductible medical expense on his federal income tax return.

Research the tax law and write Jack a brief memo of no more than two pages, in which you communicate the results of your research. Use the format for communicating research findings modeled on page A-6 of your textbook for your memorandum. Identify relevant statutory, regulatory, and judicial authorities and discuss how these authorities affect your conclusion concerning the deductibility of the pool construction costs as a medical expense on Jack's federal income tax return.

Steven, age 35, is a single commodities broker. His salary for 2009 is $110,000 and he has taxable interest income of $40,000. He has no deductions for adjusted gross income. His itemized deductions are $30,000. Steven does not have any dependents.
a. What is the amount of his adjusted gross income?
b. What are his allowable itemized deductions?
c. What is his deduction for personal exemptions?
d. What is his taxable income?
e. What is his regular tax liability from the 2009 tax rate schedules?
Choose the best answer from the following:
Use year 2009 exemption and standard deduction amounts.

Reference no: EM13292064

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