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Swimkids is a swimsuit manufacturer. They sell swim suits at a selling price is $30 per unit. Swimkids variable costs are $18 per unit. Fixed costs are $70,900. Swimkids expects sales of $268,000 next year. What is Swimkid's margin of safety (in dollars)?

Reference no: EM131152349

Compute the cost of retained earnings

Murray Motor Company wants you to calculate its cost of common stock. During the next 12 months, the company expects to pay dividends (D1) of $2.50 per share, and the current

How decision support system utilizes each of key attributes

Explain how decision support system utilizes each of the key attributes. Accessing valuable knowledge from outside sources. Using accessible knowledge in decision making. Embe

Demonstrate thought-provoking-critical thinking skills

Respond to the discussion questions that demonstrate thought-provoking, critical thinking skills. Discuss why companies "go international", giving specific reactive and proact

Engine vehicles and transforms them to bio-fuel vehicles

The CEO chose you because you are known to have your finger on the pulse of the workers. The CEO told you that he has heard numerous rumors of low morale, employees looking fo

Pros and cons of developing and marketing products

Gender segmentation is seen everywhere, including in the market for toys (see the Moonsand ads). However, more recently, many consumers started questioning this practice for c

Required graded elements

Required Graded Elements: notes from initial viewing (Grad Crit or Competent Speaker form), 250 word evaluation of the speaker and the speaker's message. This is a structured

David who excited about a new house

You hear from your boss that she is going to fire David who excited about a new house that he and his wife really liked and are going to buy. Tell David that he's going to be

Very poor performers on the dimensions being rates

A __________ occurs when managers lump everyone together around the average, or middle, category; this gives the impression that there are no very good or very poor performers


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