What is selective attention

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1) States of Consciousness of Left and Right Brain

This is a video on how the brain interprets information. It concerns states of consciousness and how we perceive the world. And, you will learn and remember the functions and importance of the left brain and right brain for all time!

Please check it out. Its about 18 minutes. I would love your comments and thoughts on this one. What did you learn? What are the functions of the left and right brain? Your thoughts.


Are you more Left Brain or Right Brain?

So, here is a test that might help. Do you believe the results are valid, i.e., do they measure what they are supposed to measure? Or they reliable, i.e., you would get the same score again, or do you think we could be more left brain and then more right brain as we age, or vice versa? Your thoughts?

Note that you do not need to register or enter your email, or pay for anything to take this test.

If you would like to do so, find another test for us on the left/brain right/brain and we can compare our results.

2) Selective Attention and the Cocktail Party Effect

What is selective attention? Go to: http://www.theinvisiblegorilla.com/videos.html Watch the firstvideo, then the second. Then scroll down to the Original Door Study and watch that one. What is going on in this video? What is the purpose of selective attention?
What is the cocktail party effect? Why might this be useful to us?

Reference no: EM13968440

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