What is role of competitive advantages in hyundai''s success

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1. What are the roles of comparative and competitive advantages in Hyundai's success? Illustrate your answers by providing specific examples of natural and acquired advantages that Hyundai employs to succeed in the global car industry.

2. In terms of factor proportions theory, what abundant factors does Hyundai leverage in its worldwide operations? Provide examples and explain how Hyundai exemplifies the theory.

3. Discuss Hyundai and its position in the global car industry in terms of Porter's Diamond model. What is the role of firm strategy, structure and rivalry, factor conditions, demand conditions and related and supporting industries to Hyundai's international success?

4. Consistent with Dunning's eclectic paradigm describe the ownership-specific advantages, location-specific advantages and the internalisation advantages held by Hyundai. Which of these advantages do you believe has been the most instrumental to the firm's success? Justify your answer.

Reference no: EM13813917

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