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A student investment club, The Millionaires Club, is considering purchase of a security for the club. The current earnings per share is $.75 and is expected to increase by $.05 each year into the future. If 30-year government bonds are paying 4.6%, what is a "reasonable" price to pay for the security? 

Reference no: EM131071717

Business value of risk management plans

When organizations develop risk management plans, they need to consider the value of the assets being protected and the controls that are needed to mitigate the risks in a c

Government realizes aforementioned situation

Now, the government realizes aforementioned situation that the one firm controls the industry. Economic officer from the government asks you to fix this problem. Provide your

Organization of petroleum exporting countries states

The mission statement for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries states, “the mission of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is to coordina

The role of science in public policy

Reading: Haller, S. F. & Gerrie, J. (2007). The Role of Science in Public Policy: Higher Reason, or Reason for Hire? Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 20(2), 1

Calculating the price elasticity of supply

Calculating the price elasticity of supply. Brian is a college student who lives in San Diego and does some consulting work for extra cash. At a wage of $25 per hour, he is wi

What are the two flows in the circular flow model

Use examples to distinguish between the resource market and the product market in the circular flow model. As we read this unit, how does the circular flow model illustrate ho

Illustrate what effect would customer expectations

Illustrate what effect would customer expectations of substantial price increases in music players have upon the demand for portable music players in a completive marketplac

Expenditures including the initial increase

Assume that the MPC is 0.89. If there was an $75 billion autonomous increase in expenditures, what would the total increase in expenditures including the initial increase?


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