What is purpose and significance of a county general plan

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Every California county and city is required to have a general plan. This plan is essentially the local agency's constitution. What is the purpose and significance of a county or city general plan? Do you agree with the seven required general plan elements? Should other elements be required? Why/why not? If you believe additional plan elements are required, what are they and why should they be included?

Reference no: EM131168012

Determine effect of the daycare program on consumption

Suppose government were to provide free daycare for children and assume this has no effect on the real wage w, taxes T, and dividend income π. Determine effect of the daycare

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Since the fast-food business is very competitive, the manager would like to ensure that sufficient ground beef is available in her restaurant each day so that the probabilit

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Recently, there have been several consolidations in the economy, the biotech industry being one. With the creation of fewer "Biotech giants worldwide", will this lead to str

Find the marginal utility of consumption and leisure

ECON 3102-004 Intermediate Macroeconomics Problem set. Consider a representative consumer with the following utility function: U(C, l) = log C + γ log l Find the marginal util

Was the price decrease caused by shift in supply or demand

The lumber industry was hit hard by the sub prime mortgage turmoil in 2008. Prices plunged fro m $290 per thousand board feet to less than $200 per thousand board fee t. Man

Continuation of the planet wrox site

Create the application and/or a web site for a business (choice is yours). You must use at least three (3) programming techniques discussed in this class. Should be database d

Write a research paper on milton friedman and monetarism

Do some research on Milton Friedman and Monetarism. Where do Monetarists and the Federal Reserve agree, and where do they disagree? Do you agree with the arguments the mone

Find the price at which the firm sells the product

Suppose that a firm maximizes its total profits and has a marginal cost (MC) of production of $8 and the price elasticity of demand for the product it sells is -3. Find the


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