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Momsen Corp. is experiencing rapid growth. Dividends are expected to grow at 25 percent per year during the next three years, 15 percent over the following year, and then 6 percent per year indefinitely. The required return on this stock is 12 percent, and the stock currently sells for $94 per share. What is the projected dividend for the coming year? 

Reference no: EM131044943

Salary increases at an average annual rate

Upon graduating from college, you make an annual salary of $31,546. You set a goal to double it in the future. If your salary increases at an average annual rate of 6.48 perce

Why do pension funds have vesting periods

Why do pension funds have vesting periods? Do vesting periods have any advantages to employees relative to a system where new hires are eligible to participate in a pension

What is the approximate yield to call for the investor

Four years ago, your firm issued $1,000 par, 25-year bonds, with a 7 percent annual coupon rate and a 10 percent call premium. If these bonds are now called, what is the appro

What will portfolios new beta be after these transactions

You have a $2 million portfolio consisting of a $100,000 investment in each of 20 different stocks. The portfolio has a beta of 1.25. You are considering selling $100,000 wort

Expanding rapidly-currently needs to retain all of earning

Micro Tech Corporation is expanding rapidly and currently needs to retain all of its earnings; hence, it does not pay dividends. However, investors expect Micro tech to begin

Investor with a two-year investment horizon

Suppose that an investor with a two-year investment horizon is considering purchasing a seven-year 9% coupon bond selling at par. The investor expects that he can reinvest the

Debating whether to lease or purchase a new imaging machine

A small town hospital is debating whether to lease or purchase a new imaging machine. What financial and other factors do you think they need to consider when making a decisio

The interest tax shield increase

ECB borrows $2000000 USDs by issuing 4-year bonds. ECB's cost of debt is 6%, so it will need to pay $120000 USDs in interest each year for the next 4 years, and then repay the


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