What is probability that person has attended multiple games
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Interested in learning more about its fans, the marketing office of the Arena Football League (AFL) conducted a survey at one of its games. The survey had 898 respondents, 676 males and 222 females. Out of the 898 total respondents, 192 stated that they had attended multiple AFL games. Of these 192 fans that had attended multiple games, 175 were male. Using this survey information, answer the following questions.

1- What is the probability that a randomly selected fan has attended multiple games?

2- Given that a randomly selected fan has attended multiple games, what is the probability of this person being male?

3- What is the probability of a randomly selected fan being male and having attended multiple games?

4- Given that a randomly selected fan is male, what is the probability that this person has attended multiple games?

5- What is the probability that a randomly selected fan is male or has attended multiple games?

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