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1. What is organisational legitimacy and why might it be considered to be a 'resource'?

2. If an organization's management considered that the organisation might not have operated in accordance with community expectations(it broke the terms of the social contract), consistent with Legitimacy Theory, what actions would you expect management to undertake in the subsequent period?

3.(a) Apply the managerial perspective of Stakeholder Theory to explain whether management would care about the concerns of the charity One Parent Families.

(b) If we applied an ethical perspective of Stakeholder Theory, should management care?

(c) If society considered that the banks' policies were unreasonable, would you expect the banks to use their annual reports to defend their position (legitimacy)?

4. Would you expect management to worry about attitudinal surveys? Explain your answer, as well as explaining how such surveys might impact on the disclosure policies of an organisation.

Reference no: EM13834363

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