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Mntrni is a mobile application that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced and successful mentors in lots of different areas and specialties to help them answer important questions and make crucial decisions. In the beginning, the platform attracted mentors in entrepreneurship only, however, now there are more than 30 mentors in 13 specialty areas. The process of booking a session through the application with the mentor of your choosing is done through the application. When a new client signs up, he/she will choose the area of mentoring, then choose from the available mentors who have experience in that area, finally choosing the time of the session. The mentors have the capacity to set the times for the mentees to choose from as well as accepting or rejecting the sessions. The platform is looking to expand soon and for investors. Up to date, Mntrni had over 7500 minutes of mentoring for free since the launch in November 2017. For more information please go to mntrni.com and/or download the app, for better understanding of the platform and how it works. This is a multi-sided platform with mentors and mentees as the co-dependent groups.

What is Mntrni competence and what criteria does it need to fulfil to qualify as a core competence? What make a competence distinctive for e-business?

Reference no: EM132184758

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