What is meant by veteran re-acculturation

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Assignment: Criminal Law, Essay Component

The special topics component of this class was presented - Veterans entangled in criminal justice. The essay you will be writing is based on the material presented in class on that day.

There are several specific points of interest/questions that you must address in your essay:

• Based on the data presented in class, what was the primary distinction between veterans entangled in criminal justice and veterans not entangled in criminal justice? Explain you answer.

• What is meant by veteran re-acculturation and why is it important to consider when addressing the problem of veterans entangled in criminal justice? Explain your answer.

• Now, because this is a criminal law class, should criminal law consider the fact that a defendant is a veteran? Explain why or why not.

• Should a veteran defendant's status, and experiences, be considered in mitigation processes (e.g., pre-trial or sentencing processes)? Explain why or why not.

Provide examples for each of the former questions. All work must be double-spaced (12 font. Limit your response to a combined 4 pages.

Reference no: EM131444850

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