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What is meant by "rape culture," what are its characteristics, and what is its relationship to issues of "victims and victimization"? What actions can we take at the grassroots and policy levels to combat rape culture?

Chapter 3 Reading Material:


Web Readings:

Criminology, Chapter 3, "Victims and Victimization"
Cahill, Rethinking Rape
"What Is Rape Culture?"
NPR, "Campus Rape Reports Are Up"
Her Campus, "Putting an End to Rape Culture"
New Statesmen, "The Culture that Permitted Saville's Abuses Go Far Beyond BBC"
BBC, "South African Rape Survey Shock"
"Tackling South Africa's Rape Culture"
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Mirror on America, "Stories of Rape, Indifference, and Justice Denied"
NPR, "Rape Cases on Indian Lands Go Uninvestigated"
Jeffries, "How Rap Can Help End Rape Culture," The Atlantic
Rape Crisis Network Europe

Reference no: EM131073099

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